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Greetings, and welcome to my website! Whether you found me by chance or came here with a specific purpose, I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay. I have gathered my poems, stories, pictures, and YouTube presentations from years of sharing on Facebook and virtual magazines, all in one convenient place for you to explore. The numbered YouTube clips are an introduction to my book, Talking to My Mother – 99 Anecdotes, and they are both short and inspiring.

On my site, you will find a brief autobiography, information about my books, personal photos, anecdotes, and some of my favorite quotes.
Additionally, I share musings on daily life and my encounters with interesting people like yourself. Here, I offer the same kind of content I would share with a friend, so please, make yourself comfortable and explore.

You can hear me reciting many of the poems, if you click on ׳Play׳ at the bottom of them. It can add another flavor to your experience.

Your support is greatly appreciated

Final Excerpt
Talking to Mother



I write, then I think -
igniting the screen that burps
trainee’s syllables.
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The flower was decaying moment by moment. My wrinkles got deeper year after year And still My husband saw nothing but beauty when he smiled at me...
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Aviva Derenowski - Poet

About Aviva Derenowski

Aviva Derenowski has published three books, including “Talking to My Mother – 99 Anecdotes” and edited the anthology “Celebrating Our Mothers.” Aviva’s poems appear in several literary magazines.

Aviva has been expressing herself in writing since childhood and has focused on poetry for the last five years since she believes poets have important messages to share.